Lion shot dead by trophy hunter says thanks for the game


A lion used its dying breath to praise the skill and courage of the wealthy hunter who tracked him down and shot him.

The magnificent creature held no bitterness and was full of praise for his murderer. He said: “Look, I love sport myself and the thrill of the chase so I understand the appeal.

“I must admit though, I thought humans defined sport as a match between equals rather than a no contest between bloodthirsty gunmen and defenceless wild animal… but then I am an inferior intelligence so I could be wrong.

“And I suppose it would be unfair to describe myself as a defenceless… after all I have big teeth and sharp claws…although I’m not clever enough to use them from hundreds of metres away like you can with your guns.

“Anyway, I don’t want anyone accusing me of feeling sorry for myself, you know, victim culture and all that. The thing is we had a great time pitting our wits against each other and that’s what matters.

“I must say though, from my low intelligence base, I was also under the impression that sport was a competition between two opponents who choose to take part and well, strictly speaking, I wasn’t given a choice.. now I think about it, I didn’t sign up to be hunted to my death.

“Anyway, it was an honour to be shot by such a warrior. Thanks for the game, old boy. Same time next week?

“Oh of course not, silly me… there won’t be a next week for me. I’m dead, but never mind. It’ll be great to live on as another addition to your trophy cabinet…and if you’re quick, there might still be a few lions left for you to hunt before you drive us to extinction.

“Make the most of us while you can. You’ll miss us when we’re gone.”

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