Personal injury cold caller sues employer over accident at work


A call centre worker with an accident claims company is suing her employer after suffering whiplash in a workplace incident.

The worker – known only as ‘Rebecca’ – was quietly going about her business cold calling random people to discuss the ‘accident they had been in at work recently’.

After a few hours of irritating people and having them hang up on her she was startled when somebody actually wanted to know more about what she could do to help.

The shock caused Rebecca’s entire body to involuntarily bolt upright and she suffered severe whiplash.

She sustained a variety of sprains and muscle and tissue tears and is housebound for the next month.

Rebecca told Scoop Alley: “I was three hours into my shift when I phoned my 75th random customer of the day. Unfortunately instead of telling me to f*** off and for the love of God stop calling or simply hanging up the phone he was happy to take the call.

“He said that he had been in an accident that was due to a colleague’s negligence but he didn’t know where to turn.”

Unfortunately for the man, Rebecca was unable to help him as she herself was writhing in agony due to the unprecedented turn of events.

She had not been trained for incidents like this but thankfully, due to the nature of her work, she is fully aware of her rights. She is looking forward to an extended period of paid leave as well as compensation for her injury.

However, it’s not all a bed of roses. She added: “I’m getting sick to death of being interrupted by phone calls from companies asking if I am interested in double glazing when I’m trying to watch Jeremy Kyle.

“I don’t know who the hell these people think they are! Why don’t they get a real job?”

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