You can Brexit and destroy the pound…but don’t mess with Toblerone!


Chocolate lovers have sent a warning to politicians across Europe: you can mess about with Brexit and even even destroy the pound but don’t mess with the shape of our Toblerone.

Toblerone is hugely popular even though the triangular shape means it’s full of gaps and you get far less chocolate that the packaging would suggest.

Now in a shock move to cut costs, manufacturers have increased the gap between the distinctive mountain peaks meaning it’s even more empty space. A company spokesman said: “Sorry lads, it’s either increase the gaps or increase the price.”

Chocolate lovers are not impressed and have taken to social media to express their displeasure.

Jill Wright said: “It’s a really mean, underhand thing to do. I loved the old perfectly symmetrical shape with a letter on each triangle spelling out the word T-O-B-L-E-R-O-N-E… now there are only enough triangles to get to T-O-B-L-E-R… which is stupid. I want my O-N-E back.”

Graham Thorpe said: “The old shape left just enough gap to get your teeth between the triangles to get a really good mouthful… now you’re biting into thin air.

Tim Gillespie said: “I despair of what the world is coming to… Brexit, Donald Trump, ISIS… and now this… where will it end?”

In another surprising twist to the saga, Toblerone became the first manufacturer since the EU referendum not to blame Brexit for increasing prices or reducing sizes. A spokesman said: “No, we were doing it anyway… we’ll keep Brexit up our sleeves in case we want to increase prices in the New Year.”


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