Woman stuck with ‘phone voice’ after battery died during important call


A woman has been left permanently stuck with her posh ‘telephone voice’ after her battery died midway through a conversation with her solicitors.

Jennifer Carter was speaking to her lawyers about the pros and cons of selling her business when her Samsung Galaxy gave out on her and spontaneously shut down.

Since then she has remained speaking in her posh telephone voice and does not know how to return to her natural West Midlands accent.

Mrs Carter explained: “I don’t know what everybody is talking about. This has always been my voice and I certainly don’t have any special tones for important telephone calls.”

However, despite Mrs Carter’s claims, all her friends and colleagues have noticed the change, and it has even caused difficulties with her children, as they have seized on the opportunity to disobey her instructions claiming they ‘can’t understand her posh voice’.

Mrs Carter’s husband Kevin told us: “Yeah it’s getting a bit weird to be honest. Her mum and sister think she needs to go to a speech therapist to try and sort it but I’ve managed to put that off ‘til next week cos the kids are away this weekend at their pals so… well you know, she does sound quite posh!”


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