Conor McGregor wants to take on Bruno Alves in a football match


Conor McGregor has abandoned his plans to challenge boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and has turned his attention to another victim – and another sport.

The Irish fighting machine watched England’s friendly against Portugal last night and was delighted with what he saw from Bruno Alves.

When the Portuguese international caught Harry Kane with an impressive flying kick to the head, the dollar signs lit up in McGregor’s eyes.

‘The Notorious’ then got on the phone to his agent and demanded he cancel plans for a boxing match against Mayweather as he now wants to take on Alves in a football match.

McGregor’s agent told Scoop Alley: “We would have to figure out some reasonable rules that suit both warriors.

“One suggestion is that they would play on the same team and the first to get sent off would win. Another could be the contestant who kicks the most opponents’ heads before getting sent off would win. It would be a box office event and a license to print money.”

McGregor is keen for England to be the opponents for the special event. He said: “I’m going to make Alves my bitch when we compete for English players. I’m going to whoop ass!

“Kane wouldn’t have got up if I had caught him and Milner wouldn’t have been conscious long enough to give him any motherly love.”

McGregor is especially keen to get his hands on Wayne Rooney who was famously knocked out by a jab from Phil Bardsley.

However, he went silent and looked at the floor when asked about the potential for an all Irish domestic dust up between him and former football star Roy Keane.

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