Generous Ronaldo allows team-mates to share in his achievement


Footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo showed he is as classy off the pitch as he is on it by allowing his Portugal team-mates share in his achievement after winning Euro 2016.

The Real Madrid forward allowed his inferior colleagues join in his celebrations after his 1-0 extra time victory was enough to see off hosts France.

Ronaldo starred in the final despite leaving the field after just 20 minutes with a poorly knee.

Not one to let something like not playing prevent him taking the limelight, Ronaldo put in a man of the match display from the touchline, motivating his team-mates by warning them they better not f**k this up for him.

The sideline antics of Ronaldo were the most exciting thing that happened in the final, and it was his presence that allowed Eder to find space and score the winner in extra time.

Ronaldo said after the game: “This is my greatest achievement, to win the Euros against the hosts in their own back yard on my own… incredible!

“But I couldn’t have done this without my team. They deserve a medal too, but can’t we get some smaller ones for them?”

Ronaldo had considered retiring after winning the Euros on his own, to highlight the contrast between his own international retirement and that of his arch rival, the penalty missing, tax dodging Lionel Messi.

However, after realising he would not be the centre of attention if he quit, he decided to continue allowing his country to adore him.

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