Men wonder how much longer they can get away with watching three games a day


Men across Europe are debating how much longer they can get away with watching three games a day before their partners put their foot down.

We’re only a few days into Euro 2016 and already signs of boredom are beginning to show in wives and girlfriends and many are suggesting “doing something nice” next weekend.

Men are realising they must negotiate carefully and plan their week’s activities around which games they want to watch.

Simon Jones said: “I tried to explain to the wife that the Euros only come around every four years, so watching every game is not unreasonable. I had considered cutting down to two games a day, but how do you know which game to miss?

“Luka Modric’s wondergoal proves that even ordinary looking matches can produce moments of brilliance!

“I’m all for spending time with the missus, but she has no consideration for the games, as well as the pre-match build-up and post-match analysis. You don’t want to miss Rio Ferdinand’s analysis of the Swiss back four.

“I’ve told the wife we will go shopping on Saturday morning and can have a nice brunch in town. She seemed quite taken with that and it means I should be back in time for the Belgium Ireland game.”

Other fans are taking more extreme measures to keep the peace with their partners. Peter Johnson said: “I was clever. Me and a mate clubbed together to send our partners away on a weekend spa break. Not only do we get to watch six games hassle free but we’re in the good books when they get back. Genius!”

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