Parents secretly believe their kid is much cuter than Prince George


Most parents have enjoyed seeing the pictures released to celebrate Prince George’s third birthday but inside they believe he’s nowhere near as cute as their kid.

Kensington Palace has released four special commissioned pictures of the toddler in the hope of satisfying the public need for all things Royal. They show the young prince posing on a swing, feeding his dog and walking purposely through the countryside.

Royal family fan Doreen Smithers purred with delight as she saw the photos for the first time. “Isn’t he adorable? Just like any other toddler really…” she said, not realising that saying he was like any other toddler somewhat negated the concept of him being Royal and having his picture published in the first place.

She then went thoughtful and silent as she compared the prince with her own three-year-old and smiled with a faint look of pride as she concluded that her boy was just as cute, if not more so, and would look equally good on the front pages of the newspapers.

However, not everybody was so delighted.

As the press continued their usual practice of fawning about the pictures as they drew attention to the prince’s strawberry blond hair, cherubic face and little button nose, one Scottish anti-royalist could hardly contain his fury.

Joe Campbell told Scoop Alley: “All that fucking time and money they must have spent on that photoshoot and they were the best four photos they could find?

“My wee boy is just as cute as George there…why is no one taking his picture? My boy has strawberry blond hair too and he often feeds our dog…he’s just as good as George and I reckon he’d beat him in a fight too, no bother.”

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