Sun journalists treated for work induced self-loathing syndrome


Journalists at the Sun have been receiving medical treatment for work induced self-loathing syndrome following the publication on the Chilcot Report.

The illness is caused when a person’s job obliges them to perform tasks they know are underhand, cowardly and despicable.

It’s common among people working in professions such as drug dealing, prostitution, high finance and tabloid journalism.

The Sun usually manages to treat sufferers with high wages and generous expense accounts. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work, especially when the paper goes completely over the top. There was a serious outbreak recently when the Hillsborough Inquiry reminded staff of how disgracefully the Sun had treated the fans who died.

And the Chilcot Report has brought back into focus how the Sun openly supported the war and the crazy claims put forward by Tony Blair. Symptoms include a sense of nausea, despair, self-disgust, impotent anger and feeling trapped in a gilded cage.

A doctor treating some of those affected said: “It may seem hard to believe but many people working on Sun are normal people.

“Unfortunately for them, they’re trapped by high wages. They know they should use their talents to tell the truth…they know they should tell Rupert Murdoch to stuff his money but they just don’t the courage to give up their comfortable lifestyles!

“It leads to inner turmoil and depression…with endless self-torture about why are they prostituting their talents!

“It’s awful but then we all suffer a little from this dreadful illness…even doctors!

“I mean, I could be using my medical skills to treat poor people who are genuinely ill but the Sun pays me a fortune to work for them. I hate myself for it but on the other hand, I earn shed loads of money so you know, swings and roundabouts!”

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