Bear Grylls struggles to survive a night in Ikea after wife wanders off


Adventurer Bear Grylls is recovering after being forced to survive on his own in an Ikea store after he lost his wife when she wandered off to look at kitchen worktops.

Grylls is the country’s most famous survival expert and has mastered extreme terrains all over the world from the peaks of Mount Everest to the depths of the Brazilian rainforest.

However, his toughest task came recently when he foolishly attempted to shortcut the furniture store’s rigid one-way navigation framework.

As Grylls so often says on his survival shows: “It’s the kind of mistake you only make once.”

The chief scout had been enjoying a pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll around with his wife when disaster struck.

He fell behind after being distracted by some outdoor activity displays and his wife went on ahead.

In an attempt to catch up Grylls broke from the yellow line indicators but quickly became disorientated.

He tried to turn back to rectify his error but found his path blocked by a matching bedroom wardrobe and chest of drawers.

As the store’s closing time approached, Grylls realised he would have to spend the night there and decided set up camp in the bathroom department, believing it to be a source of fresh drinking water.

However, he was dealt a crushing blow when he discovered that both the taps and showerheads were display only.

Thankfully, he was able to stave off dehydration by drinking from a mop bucket that had been left by an under-appreciated member of staff.

Grylls constructed a makeshift hammock using wood and sheets he had scavenged from a king-size display bed.

However, he was unexpectedly rescued by firefighters after his camp fire had set off the store’s smoke detectors.

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