Supermarket shopper freaked out by teenage employees’ pranks


A supermarket customer has been left feeling freaked out after falling victim to the childish pranks of the shop’s teenage employees.

The trouble started when Ian Cooper popped into a store for a bottle of milk. He was in a hurry so asked a member of staff where he could find it.

The teenage staff member stared at him with a fierce intensity in his eyes and said: “The milk is on aisle five, man – you have my word.”

However, as Ian started to head towards aisle five a female employee stopped him and said: “Don’t go there, it’s a trap!”

The first lad overheard this and said: “Don’t listen to her, man. The milk is there, I swear on my daughter’s life.”

Ian started to feel annoyed as he was in a rush. He said he just wanted some milk.

The girl shouted at him: “Is that all you can think about? Milk? For the love of God look around you! There’s been no milk since the great bovine plague of ‘08.”

Ian stomped off to get his milk and could hear a blood curdling scream coming from behind him as he approached aisle five.

“Noooooooooooo!” shouted the girl.

Ian looked all along aisle five and the milk wasn’t there. Momentarily, he thought the girl might just be right. However, he took a walk along to aisle three and found it there. “Bastard kids” he thought.

Ian drank the milk throughout the week and it was fine but the kids had managed to get inside his head. He started to feel paranoid and unsure of himself.

On the Friday, he did a terrible presentation during a meeting which cost his company an important contract. He blamed the milk, saying it was cursed. He thought he should thank the girl and warn others.

However, when he went back to the shop none of the kids were there – and the milk had moved to aisle five. Ian ran away and kept running until his legs could carry him no more.

Scoop Alley caught up with the manager of the supermarket who told us: “There is nothing spooky going on. We moved the fridges as part of a redesign of the layout. Those employees aren’t here anymore because we got fed up of them pissing about.”


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