Bet365 claim foul play over Stoke City stadium naming rights


Bet365 want an investigation into the naming rights of Stoke City’s ground and believe Ladbrokes and Paddy Power are behind it.

The sports betting company insist that they had no involvement in the decision to rename the Britannia Stadium the ‘Bet365 Stadium’.

They are horrified that the home of the Premier League’s least favourite club will be named after them for the next six years.

Bet365 spokesperson Darren Johnson told Scoop Alley: “We all know that Ladbrokes and Paddy Power are famous for their epic bants but we feel they have crossed a line this time.”

Ladbrokes denied all knowledge of the prank, saying that their weekend warriors would be far too scared to have anything to do with Stoke.

Paddy Power also refused to accept responsibility but later slashed the odds of Bet365 sponsoring the next Nickelback concert to 2/1.

Johnson was not amused. He said: “Bet365 captures its audience’s attention with menace. That’s why we decapitated the original cockney hardnut Ray Winstone, and now use his severed head to spread our message.

“This sort of laddish behaviour and epic banter are not for us, thank-you!”

Paddy Power replied: “You’re welcome!”

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